Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back to my old template!!

As some of u might have noticed, i am back to my old template for my blog. This decision came after much thought and many problems with the new template i had just started using ( or testing as i prefer saying! LMAO haha).
Indeed, the template i had just put had problems with the videos being on the main page itself and hiding a great deal of space on my blog.
But, if it were only that !!!

As i am listed in the afrigator list, i was on the 5th position 3 days ago, and after applying the new template, i felt from 5th to 18th position !!! and my page views to 6042 page view ranks !!
I had to react and finally decided to change back to the old template whereby as you can see on the afrigator site, my page view and visitors ranks burst back to ranks 1146, and 1197 according to page views.

One Advice : Before changing your template to some modified template, think twice !! ..

The template i wanted to use is below !! you can always try it and let me know !

What i liked the most with this template, was that it gave me the wordpress page which was lighter to load and without the inconvenience of changing my blog to wordpress.
If you are thinking to change from blogger to wordpress. Try this template first. You can then keep you page views !!..

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  1. nice template .. why not switch to wordpress,, its more user friendly

  2. i have been thinking about it for like 3 weeks ! lolz.. but i would lose the persons who check my blog sometimes.. and my friends who bookmarked my blog since 2 years ! ... big dilema ! lolz..

  3. I like the old template. If you can get the one you're looking at to work that looks nice too. Nice site overall btw.


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