Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tested Flag Counter's usefulness, thx friends

After 3 days - 72 hours of having the Flag Counter on my Blog.. here is the results..
What is amazing for ME, is that the 2nd Country on the list is not an african country as i was expecting but INDONESIA !! wooww.. thanks indonesian bloggers, owe you guys a lot of hits.. As much surprising, African countries are found only in the last 10 !!!
I used this to know who my readers are such as to put more stuffs for them :) USA , UK , FRANCE and surely GERMANY- country of my friend joergi :) hehe ..
However, Mauritians top the list, thanks to all of you Mauritian readers and bloggers.. ;)
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  1. No need to say thanks sa! :P

  2. bizen dire thanks hahaha zotte continier vini lerla hahaha lolzz

  3. simple and low bandwidth use than Feedjit live traffic feed;)


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