Friday, April 3, 2009

Get some money writing in forum

Being rather curious, i have been looking ways to earn some money on the internet, however, since 1 year i have a paypal account, where i can get paid and i have been paid a single dollar till now. All surveys, referral links and other programs are useless and i have stop checking those ways to earn some money on the internet.
Rather, a friend contacted me on blogcatalog and he asked if i wanted to earn some little money, i specify well, it is really little money, wonder what i will be able to get with that, but this morning i signed up for an account at a forum, and there great was my astonishement, when a member told me that whenever i achieve BRL$200 - i will be sent $2.20 at my paypal.
Some of u will say it is useless, but honestly, writing my point of view in a forum, and getting paid for it, rather than writing everywhere on the net and not getting even $0.01 is pretty nice, furthermore they you BRL$125 and as soon as u achieve BRL$200, u get paid directly to paypal, that is direct money, no waitings and all! Each reply u post, u get around BRL$3.80 , meaning if you post 20 replies to forums, you will end up with enough to cash out.
I am not sure about what you can get for $2.20 on paypal !! But nevertheless, since i have been giving my time to internet and never got anything for it, $2.20 would be a great premier !! lolzz.. Depends on you though, those who are not greedy and would be satisfied in posting 20 posts and cash out their $2.20 can join me there ;)

here is the link : forum
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  1. Hey, in the future capave to pou faire to blog si vine payant sa.

  2. hahhaha lolz.. weaa sponsor paye mwa pou write.. trooo bon saaa :)
    naa lotte lala 1 mari passe temps sa.. it is futile to think that people will give u money just like that.. apart with adsense !!.. selman if u want to spend some money lors Ebay par exemple.. this is damn nice way.. it pays u thru paypal and u can buy things on ebay.. !!
    +Just started to try it .. :S ..i will let u know si vaut la peine dans 2-3 semaines.. !! .. if i 2-3 weeks mo ressi gagne $10 paid to me !!.. aber sa vaut la peine lerla.. parski mo adsense money.. till now pankore trouve even 1 cents !!hahaha

  3. Hello
    It has a nice blog.
    Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
    A hug from my country, Portugal

  4. thanks luis :))
    really nice of u .. i checked ur blog which is a nice one too and commented too :))


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