Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Price of Oil in Mauritius - Increase is not over..

The price of diesel and oil have increased again, and the population of Mauritius can simply do nothing about it.
How stupid Mauritians can be ?
To what extent can Mauritians be stupid ?

First why ? why did the price of diesel and petrol increase ?

STC - The importer of petrol to Mauritius struck a deal with Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited (MRPL) - India, in 2006 . Ending July 2010 !! ..
Meaning whatever, the price decrease and whether the price remains stable or not, we will continue to pay around $110 a baril, while it is sold $50 on the World Market through International Tenders.
The Hedging, the assholes ( i do not fear to say it, because that's what they are), the stupid persons of the STC, are making us pay for an oil at twice the price for 3 years . We have been paying oil at a high price since 2004. it is 5 years now, and now that we could have made a little savings, we have to continue to pay high price for petrol because of some assholes fault.

Who asked them to make such a deal ?
Are they such stupid not to know that whatever rises will in the end fall ?
Already 7 months of low petrol prices gone, we have not taken profit of it.
While the STC was making HUGE profits last year at the same months, when petrol was sold $150 a baril, STC was selling it same price, and was buying it $110, and now, we have to pay for $110 even when it decreases though we were paying more when it was more.
They have made titanical profits on our backs. And now, that the Dollar is rs33. compared to 3 months ago when it was rs31, we have to more again, we actually paying the rise in DOLLAR DIRECTLY, since the increase is a bit more than rs2.

The persons who have done this mistake should pay and be kicked out for their stupidity.

Also, next year by July 2010, when the contract will end, the petrol on the world market would have risen to around $100 a baril .. meaning we won't even have a decrease in Petroleum products. Thus, we won't profit from the cheap oil the world has been taking profits the whole year. Not only the people, but also the industries and they have been paying oil more expensively than companies into other countries making our products more expensive for exportation which biases the competition.
Thanks to the government..the STC.. the APM .. for having political nominees who are so stupid and wonder where they come from.. That's the price to pay for having Doctors in medecine and doctors in finance everywhere.. !! ..
Hopefully, some brighter years when engineers will start being ministers..
Like in China where the reigning persons are all engineers !!... aint that a reason enough why chinese is being sooo successful everywhere.
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  1. The persons who have done this mistake should pay and be kicked out for their stupidity.

    This hasn't been the case up to my knowledge.

    I will take a pharse, said by the Minister Gowreesoo:

    “Mauritians will have to pay for this error”

    ps: error made by STC, lol!
    More on my post here

  2. lol ... to be fair, the hedging gamble has paid off previously ... not this time however. Between, you have been used to paying an artificial price for petrol. This should not have been the case. The price should have been liberalised ages ago so that Mauritians do not abuse car use.

    I come across your blog on the Mauritius Blog List :P

  3. @yashvin - indeed this is not the culture of mauritius, people are never kicked out for their faults.
    God bless America indeed, they indeed have the guts to kick persons who do bad and not only kick out.. but send them to court !! if that's not the REAL democracy.. Mauritius seems just to be a copy "pirate" of democracy !! lolzz..

    @Bruno- wow thats nice, didn't know i was listed there.. hehe. thanks :)

  4. I won't clean the shit of others..
    Assuem the consequences of their acts then we'll talk about the solutions to the problem..

  5. nicely written...

    franc tou.. dans sa lepok financial crisis la.. moris li parmi bann seule pays ki p fer bann gro depense kumsa!

    inn bien mettE so nom.. mo riche!


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