Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Price of Petrol and Diesel, they taking us for fools..

They taking mauritians for fools, after hearing the presentation of the subject by the MBC journalist, i was stomached.. Hearing such stupidities and thinking than Mauritians will swallow that are simply disgusting.. The Journalist had the guts to state that the price of petrol and diesel should have been increased.. same for the president of APM .. stating that the small rise in dollar and rise in petrol price on the WORLD MARKET has slightly increased..
Who are they trying to fool ??
P ramasse kass pou elections ??
bane cochons la !! ..
fran tout !! ..
Mauritius is known to be buying it's petrol and diesel at a fixed price of $110 a baril which caused a big issue in the country .. the petrol price dropped from $150 to $40 .. we didn't get any decrease. and now they are saying they will increase the price ??

This subject is going to explode at their assholes sooon .. if they keep taunting mauritians..
They will increase the price because they ON THE WORLD MARKET the price increased.. but what they do not tell u, we do not buy petrol on the world market.. but by contract with Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd.. at a fixed price of $110.. whether the price increases or decreases.. we will keep paying the same price.
They are taking Mauritians for big fools, the proof, they even had the guts to tell such a big lie on TV !! .. alaila le pep admirab .. everyone knows le peuple admirab de maurice will elect the same government again in the next election.
Fallait aveugle pou pa trouver ki kaliter dominere ena dans sa pays la !! ..

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  1. As someone who adored Mauritius when i visited a few years ago i was thrilled to find your blog. :)

    All this nonsense with oil prices is getting ridiculous world over! And so much of it is media driven! I seriously think that the major media outlets should have to pay to fill my gas tank some days. Grrr

  2. thaanks cairo typo .. i am really pleased to read ur comment :)
    and thx too yusuf for passing by and leaving a comment

  3. This event proved me that the oil market has no rules, has no principles.


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