Thursday, July 23, 2009

Port Louis by Night From Signal Mountain

The pictures have been taken from the Signal Mountain [ Montagne Signaux ] Sorry for the quality of the pictures friend.. had only my mobile phone with me !! lolzz.. And the pictures won't be able to show the amazing scenery of Port louis but can only give you a glimpse of it :)
Les Port-Louisiens/ennes prennent la nuit commen un repit, certes on entend du bruit ca et la. Tout le monde se reunit dans leur foyer a cette heure. La lumiere peut etre une etincelle dans nombreux de vie sur cette parcelle de tere. Certes, ceux qui y habitent connaissent les secrets de la nuit que cette grande ville, vaste et remplie, garde sournoisement.
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  1. Beautiful indeed :D ... never been on the mountain though

  2. oooh u should try it :) the entrance road is at the start of road of marie reine de la paix :) enfin try it in the evening and watch the sunset there and come back wen it is all dark :) you would love it :) specially the nice scenery of the lights in the harbour :) and the street lights .. :)


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