Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tinted Car windows DIY- how to ?

Tinted car windows is now legalized in Mauritius since sometimes however, only the rear side windows and rear window pane can be fully tinted understand 100%.. as for the front ones .. it is 25% .. i am sure about that [Re-edited 12:30 24/07/09 lolzzz] .. but you still start with the rear windows :) Furthermore, you do not need to change your window panes .. [Read More] NOT AT ALL.. this practice is just about putting a polyester plastic film on your windows. This is how tinting is done.. and thus the tinted film can be changed if you do not like the colors.. :) enjoy the other videos found at [Link]
Source: [Link] or you can look for it in l'

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  1. 2 years ago, a policeman asked one of my colleagues to remove the tint from his car coz it was illegal ... why the change now?

  2. I prefer slightly tainted windows. Over 60% is a little bit too much. :D

  3. @bruno - the change simply because it has been now proven that the tinted windows will prevent lights from going inside the car and prevent UV rays from entering since they often have UV filter in the film ..and also if they car do not heat up, and you do not get UVs u have lesser chance of skin cancer .. :)

  4. @morinn - yeaa indeed .. it is always more romantic around 60% :) more than that it makes the car dull .. :)

  5. very nice going to have my car tinted.thanks.regards

  6. It is amazing.Tinting your vehicle’s windows reduces glare, and protects you, your passengers and your car’s interior from the sun’s roasting heat and damaging UV rays.


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