Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grippe A- Important Note, please Read

  1. Do not shake hands at uom ..
  2. do not kiss !!
  3. wash your hands as often as you can ..
  4. Do not spit here and there..
  5. Cover your mouth when you sneeze..
  6. Stay home if you have a flu !! .. and get yourself checked !!
  7. Do not sneeze in people's face !!
  8. Take showers and keep yourself as hygienic as you can !! ..
  9. This virus is very dangerous ... Please .. help your friends .. keep yourself clean and safe ..
  10. Try to inhale as little as you can when you are in the elevator !! This is very important !! ..
  11. Hold your breathe when you pass near crowds and get away the quickest possible !! ..
  12. In classes, try to get places near windows or fans to keep being ventilated !! ..
  13. In Buses, do not stay close to persons who seem to be sick !!! .. As far as possible try to get in buses which are not crowded .. and get a seat near a window..
Furthermore, I stress that Educational institutes should be closed for a period of 1 month with a wait and see strategy .. to be able to have a better view of the problem and problems coming ahead and not to put the lives of 125,000 student lives in danger.. Who are furthermore the hope and future of this Country.
I appeal to all the high instances of Mauritius, to take into consideration the fact that 1-2 months of education cannot be compared to a life. Sometimes, courageous decisions should be taken and it is in situations like this one that we see men of exception emerging.
The decision is simple but the courage needed to take it is immense.. I hope the honourable member of parliament heed to this advice of a Mauritian.

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  1. Useful tips, in a short post.

    Yet, I have a question :
    Let's assume that schools are closed for 1 month as you mentioned.

    Won't students, parents and the staff be complaining about this since this will imply 1 additional month of work. Let's be sincere.

  2. no. since the time plan can just be shifted one month .. as far as teachers, they are paid the same in the holidays !!

  3. Really Important Information. It is necessary all take all such necessary precautions. Help others and take good care of yourself.

  4. Yes aparana, u r absolutely right.. Here, As expected the numbers are going down. Hope the same for your country.


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