Thursday, August 20, 2009

Transparency Or Psychose in Mauritius

With the recent outbreak of Flu A H1N1 in Mauritius, 5 deaths have been recorded and told in the media.. And that of around 45 cases of H1N1 .. However, Knowing that only 12 tests can be carried out per day, .. i am still sceptical about the fact that there would be only 45 cases or so of infected persons by that virus.
Since 2 weeks now, 14 days.. meaning only 168 tests have been conducted ... and furthermore around 25% have been detected as positive..
Thus, on a reasonable probability and knowing that not more than 12 cases can be tested for the virus each day.. We can logically assume that the number of persons H1N1 positive are much more..
Seeing the number of persons at hospital and persons running to drugstores to look for the tamiflu, we can reasonably tell that around 2000-3000 [Read More] persons have been contaminated by that virus .. Out of the 12000 cases of "FLU" registered at hospital.
The government has taken a decision which is not to test anyone for that virus except those who die and have some symptoms of it, pregnant women and some extreme cases.
Thus, the number of persons detected with the virus will logically be less and less persons diagnosed with that virus, would mean probably more deaths if the persons do not take the required medecines in time.
Furthermore, it could also be a wise decision in an attempt to calm down the minds and do look into the matter without doing "du n'importe quoi"..
And also, seeing the paranoia and psychose in which the population is taken in.. this could also be a wise decision.
However, the population somewhere would want to hear the truth even if it is bitter and that would help maybe for the population to take more precautions.
Also, The wear of masks should be made compulsory in closed/confined spaces like buses, lifts, classes, ..

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