Thursday, August 20, 2009

One-man Show PM

That one was hilarious, what a saga !! .. it is been days since we have seen soo many persons asking for the closure of schools and tertiary institutious.. same call from the ombudsperson for children .. but nothing at all.
The Ministers of health and Education respectively are those who are to announce the bad news in this story where in that place, the chef would step aside and wait for everyone to hoot at the ministers and then as usual, he will come with the reward. Making us all be grateful to him for giving 10 days leave from univ and schools such that we won't have to miss lectures and not take the risk of getting infected.. oor if some would prefer, taking a higher risk of being infected.

This ends the saga of the Grippe A in Mauritius, in 10 days, the pyschose and paranoia would have calmed down. And everything will be business as usual. What a nightmare it were though !!! ..
Should we or not be angry that we have been kept partially in the dark pertaining to the real number of infected persons, history will write those few lines ..
Shall we have known the real number of infected persons, what would have changed to our habits .. that, my friends.. we would never know ;)

Take care of yourself all.. and keep washing your hands before eating..

P.S : We would have waited for a grippe A outbreak in Mauritius to learn our Kids to wash hands before eating and that too at school !! .. If that was not the primary and most basic thing to learn them AT HOME, but it is only now that they are taught to wash hands before eating.. What a misery !!

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  1. have fun, take full advantage and revise or complete your homeworks, and watch educational programs by mca(for college, primary) on mbc tv :P

  2. Indeed mate, as for me, won't be having much fun with the month of ramadan .. lolz.. won't be able to smoke .. hahahhaha

  3. It became a nightmare because certain people and the media made it like that.

    Keep cool!

  4. The media did the right job !! .. What to say about the misinformation of disinformation from the Govt house !! lolz..
    The nitemare i was referring to, was mostly due to travelling by bus .. and high risks of contamination.. & the govt not willing to take the right decision .. seen it's done now :) and everyday going smoothly and soon everything will b back to normal..cheerzz :)


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