Saturday, August 29, 2009

Make Money Blogging Free eBook Review

My review of Daniel Socco's book, Make Money Blogging Free eBook
Daniel Socco, the author behind this amazing book seems to be very experienced in blogging as he goes on describing all the steps that would lead you to making a successful blog.
The book is a very professional one and could be worth buying, whoever Daniel Socco wants to promote blogging and "democratization" of opinions on the net, that is probably why you can get his fantastic ebook for free.
The ebook or simply book, describes in the first chapter the common mistakes the "apprenti" blogger would make and i am sure most bloggers reading this have made the same mistakes. That is how we learn and Brian Socco has not only learned from it but proposes step by step how to setup the blog.
The book is very readable about 15-30 minutes would do. The flow and ease of reading is amazing, we could say he makes blogging easy. *smile*
He also explains how to write posts and titling your posts which most journalists should be knowing however, what they don't know is that this affects the traffic to blog as Daniel points out and also part of the SEO.
On the 2nd chapter, he explains how the blog should look like giving a vast benchmark for design specifications. However, and most of readers/bloggers would agree the design of the blog is in the end, personal and only the blogger's taste will count.

The Most IMPORTANT part of the eBook however comes now, the chapters 3 and 4, that's where you will learn from Daniel how to make your blog successful. Writing a blog post is nice, but having people reading it, is even nicer and what better than follow Daniel's advices to gather traffic around your blog.
The Least captivating part of the book is the last part, where the author, Daniel Socco, explains how to make money from your blog, and the ways he points out are quite basic ones and not much what i had expected. However, I would not deny him, the ways he pointed out would bring you money fairly if the 4 latter chapters have been successful.

Conclusion: This is a very nice eBook for beginners and intermediate bloggers which i highly recommend.
Link to Daniel Socco's Blog & eBook : Click Here

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