Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Terrible Accident on Motorway

Pictures (courtesy of Mehnaz sohawon)

The accident took place on the motorway in the direction to Port Louis, collision between a sugar lorry and a bus of the NTC, the accident has been fatal to 4 persons at the time i am writing this article. This accident is the 2nd in one month concerning a sugar lorry. This is totally unacceptable. When an event happens in time, it is called random, when two same events happen in such a shortwhile, there is a problem that needs to be looked upon. And corrected as soon as possible before more innocent lives are taken.
Some of you probably, could guess the position i would take after this event, and yes, my opinion is that such transportations should be done during the night and that a bus lane should be dedicated to buses and those long vehicles and poids lourd should not be allowed to overtake vehicles on the motorway and the drivers sentenced to heavy fines.
I am probably writing this under the effect of emotions but NO ONE having Seen what I have witnessed would have a different point of view.

The transportation of such stuffs should be done during the night and a bus lane should be made, what the fuck are they waiting for. 15 years we are being told that a solution will be found for the traffic jam problem and today what ??
1h30minutes from Port Louis to Reduit
2hours from Reduit to Port louis
Because of an accident.
This is no more bearable, the number of killings on roads should be reduced definitely, we are not a bunch of bastards living on an island.. This situation should be remedied as soon as possible.

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