Saturday, December 5, 2009

Midlands- Mist on the moors

No wonder, this place would remind any British of their own highlands, the mist , the landscape, the lake .. though ours is man made .. but the beauty and atmosphere is simply irresistible. No houses, no foul perfumes of kitchens around, just trees, mountains , birds and a light breeze across the ears ..

Only 30 minutes due south from port-louis, take the motorway in direction of the airport, a few miles after curepipe round about there is a cross-over bridge on the motorway with a directional plate reading midlands, take that link road from the motorway, next turn right and then go straight and left and finally right.. there you are on the long long road which is on the side of the Midlands Reservoir.

You will no wonder see this mountain on your left and on the right will be the midlands reservoir, you can lay-by the road and see the numerous plants on the side of the road which are really exalting. The atmosphere is very light and you will feel very relax being there.

You might come across a bridge which crosses a feeder river to the reservoir, the view is really extraordinary.

The fauna and flora of this region of the country is really amazing, and you will be delighted by the wonders you can find there.
Bring an umbrella or coat because it is rainy there mostly 1 day on 2 !! .. :) Have a nice trip..

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