Saturday, December 5, 2009

On the traces of the Dutch

One of the main attractions of the south should have been the Dutch ruins, but little have been done to preserve this special place where the dutch stepped first on the Mauritian soil compared to what is presently done for the apravasi ghat. The Dutch named the island Prins Maurits van Nassaueiland after the stadtholder of Holland, Prince Maurits.
[Holland is Netherlands]
Comparing the Legacy of Indentured laborers to the Legacy of the Dutch:
The Dutch deserved more than that !!
  • They brought sugar cane to Mauritius without which Mauritius economy wouldn't have even existed.
  • They killed the Dodo which made Mauritius famous for its dodo.
  • But the most important they gave us the name of the island Mauritius ! which makes all of us MAURITIANS !!!.. Ain't that a legacy enough that the Dutch Ruins should be listed on the UNESCO list ??

Pieces of History
Recalling from what i learned from the stupid Environmental Studies Textbook from primary education, the 1st governor of Mauritius was Sir John Shaw Rennie, However, laying a new view on those pieces of history than at the time we were sponfed with information to vomit at exams; I came to understand that the 1st governor of Mauritius was not british, nor french, nor mauritian ! ..

The first governor of Mauritius was Cornelius Gooyer.
The 2nd governor of Mauritius was Adrian Van Der Stel.
The 3rd governor of Mauritius was Jacob Van Der Meersh.
The 4th governor of Mauritius was Reinier Por.
The 5th governor of Mauritius was Dirk Jansz Smient.
The 6th governor of Mauritius was George Frederik Wreeden.
The 7th governor of Mauritius was Hubert Hugo.
The 8th governor of Mauritius was Issac Johannes Lamotius.
The 9th governor of Mauritius was Roelof Deodati.
The 10th and last Dutch governor of Mauritius was Abraham Momber Van de Velde.
He was eventually the last of a long reign of 10 governors who administered the island and which is resumed by only 2 paragraphs in the E.V.S textbook.
Whereby, it is summarized that the dutch came first and couldn't stay because of rats and cyclones and left. They later came back and didn't have much success with their crops and deserted the island again.
Sorry for the E.V.S author at the time, but it was blatant lies that were fed to the students who would then think that the Dutch were good for nothing and it was the French and British who were the great achievers of Mauritius.

[Courtesy of Mehnaz]
If, obama talks about the founding fathers of U.S.A, then we should also be recalled that the founding fathers of Mauritius were the Dutch. I went on the trace of those forgotten memories.

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