Saturday, December 12, 2009

Zenfants ki mizere to passer !

If its true that blogs are blogs are you cannot force anyone to accept your comments, atleast for the blog of a professional body they should have allowed free criticism of visitors of their articles !
I request that this blog to be banned from the Mauritian blogosphere !! They are in fact just promoting their activities and nothing more !

Here are the comments which have not been published yet on the website.. on the article Manifestation vendredi 11 d├ęsam 10hres 
The comments are as follows :

ashfaq says:

Mo trouve sa bien hypocrite de la part de banes enseignants! zotte pa fouti montrer 1 zenfants syllabus in the allocated time ousa zotte faire paress, lerla apres zotte force parents pou faire zenfants pran lesons !
Zenfants bizen ena so letemps libre pou li developer li em apres lekol ! ek sa lesons particulieres la li manze letemps libre bane zenfants pou zotte developement. Saeme ki trouve bane zanfants imper abriti partou partout !!
Bane enseignants ki p trouver bizen donne lesons particulieres, bizen reforme zotte meme en profondeur ! nou syllabus primaires kapave faire 1 reforme, mais system leducation la li korek, ek osi nimporte ki kaliter examens CPE pwena ! li pou pareille em sa !
ashfaq says:
My comment is still awaiting moderation !! don’t you have the guts to post it ??
what is the use of your blog if you cannot take it when people criticize your article ?
Blogs are not made for everyone just to make publicity of their manifestations on the web !
Get to learn more then you come back !

I let you all to judge !! .. Did i need to be censored ???

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