Saturday, July 24, 2010

We heard your S.O.S, Diam's !

Diam's, artist name for word dame, Melanie Georgiades conquered the frenchies since 5 years with her many songs. She found fame on her path. She vanished from the media since 2 years. Sounds a long time for me !! .. but I missed indeed a lot of news the past 2 years, too busy probably.

We heard your call !
Her S.O.S album was a new beginning and among the words of "Enfants du desert"- On a entendu ceci :

J’ai besoin d’aide dans ma révolte, besoin de vivres dans ma récolte,
Besoin des cris de mon public, car j’ai besoin de bénévoles,

Alors, a Diam's, nous repondrons present dans votre lutte ..

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