Friday, August 13, 2010

Pakistan NO ! Haiti Yes ! Shame on UN!

Pakistan, an islamic state, has suffered a lot of damage due to climatic conditions the past weeks and we are urging the International bodies to start mobilizing help for Pakistan. The people of Pakistan do not have food, shelter and water. The large death toll suggests that in the weeks to come, a lot of diseases will propagate amongst the population. The country will need a lot of medicines and doctors. 

The month of Ramadan is going to be very complicated for the millions of Pakistanis left without a shelter, We encourage the sending of Zakaat, Fitra, Sadaqah and Lillah to Pakistan, so that those persons can obtain a decent shelter, some food, water and medicines.

We urge the Arab countries as well as the United Nations and the League of Arab Countries to contribute massively to send food to Pakistan. The pakistanis need your help and your generosity. 
The Arab countries, namely Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, every year celebrates Ramadan with great showing off and giving of food in makkah and madina to pilgrims. Send those food to pakistan !! They need it more ! People in makkah and madina who have been able to pay air tickets to do ramadan in there do not need those food ! Send them to Pakistan ! 

Now coming back to the Title of this post, Yes, .. The world is very islamophobic. But that, we already knew it. What we did not know is that even when there are calamities. People refrain from giving help, Countries refuse to give money. Simply because it is a muslim country. For Haiti, millions of dollars came from arab countries, from muslims, the arabs and muslims did not investigate on how many muslims were there in Haiti to send money. Muslims and Arabs gave money as the whole world, for those persons. The religion was not taken into account.

BUT, when it comes to Pakistan, then,
we do not hear the concerts for raising funds,
we do not see people on the streets with boxes to collect money,
we do not see Barack Obama come up with millions of dollars for helping out,
We do not see the UN urging people and medecines,
We seee a big difference when it comes to a muslim country. 
Simply, Because it is Muslims who are dying, No one cares !!
The USA, spent more than 1000 billions of weapons, to go into Afghanistan and Iraq, to save the inhabitants from talibans and Dictator Saddam !! 
When Pakistanis are dying, have no shelter, have no water, have no food, have no medecines. 

.. They only care about killing, crusades, invading for oil !! .. And Making Money!! ..

May this message fall not into deaf ears and that you send even very little money to Pakistan. They have committed sins maybe. They paid for that. We should not judge them. But anywhere around the world. When people are in need of food, shelter, water, medecines. 
We should Stand up to help.

Do your part, Share this message on Facebook, Twitter, Google.. Have no Fear ! Helping someone from dying of hunger, is one of the greatest deed anyone can ever do. Forward this..

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