Thursday, August 19, 2010

Laptop or Pot Sam ?

[Pot Sam : Creole Slang defining a potty. Used as toilet for baby or before toilet being built in most habitats ]

Faithful to myself, I have never been silent when I have come across stupidities in the Mauritian Society or even abroad. 
What retained my attention was the electoral promise to the country about the laptop. I mean a laptop is not really cheap and not that expensive. However, If someone promise you a Laptop, you would be willing to vote for the party. A lot of Mauritians did. Thinking that, they will not have to take a loan to buy a laptop for their children.

Now, that the elections are over. That the ministers are honorable gentlemen. The least is that they keep the promises made to the people of Mauritius. They should give the Laptop to those they promised it. Which is the students in Lower 6 of this year.
However, It is not what is planned. They are planning now to give it to the next cohort of students which will be in Lower 6 next year. This is incredible ! The students in final year would not have laptop but those in Lower 6 would be having ! . I mean this is completely deprived of logic.
Laptop Or Pot Sam

Furthermore, what is even more deprived of logic is the simple fact of giving Laptops to College students while the University of Mauritius students have to use labs with infected PCs and whereby there are never enough PCs available. The University of Mauritius Students have a great need of Laptops in order to write their projects, lab works and mini projects which are on-going throughout the 3-5 years at the University.

The H.S.C student would be using the laptop for 2-3 years and knowing that around 50-60% of the students stop at that level. They will simply sell the laptops for money. Furthermore, the H.S.C students do not do extensive research works as the University Students.

The Government and specially the Ministry of Education  would be well advised to consider this proposal of mine.
I would suggest the Minister to consider giving Laptops to Students being admitted to the University of Mauritius / Technology this year. The Final year students should also be given laptops for the next two/three years. Thus the University of Mauritius students would be having laptops for projects and final year modules and course works. The College students can be given laptop at the Upper 6 or Lower 6.

Furthermore, The laptop would be having the Sugar OS which is very very far from what netbooks or the cheapest one on the market is equipped with (Vista) , referring to the Eee.. Have a look at the screenshot below and see if you would still want the laptop !! It looks ridiculous !

Your opinion count, your view differ from mine? Let me know about it. Leave a Comment.

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