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Top Ten places to visit in Mauritius

Here we go, most tourists coming to Mauritius want a quick guide where to go and what to see in Mauritius .. Since it is a Top Ten .. Many places will not be included .. and Many places most people would say are a must to visit .. well .. u can suggest that in the comments .. our friends from germany, france, uk, indonesia would be really glad knowing those and checking out :)

So, let's get started: 
  • Port Louis Waterfront
Many would have bet that place would be on my top ten .. lolz.. The main reason is because .. It is the only place in the whole island where you have the largest choice of foods and cuisines and can have a taste of chinese/indian/creole/mauritian/thai/american/French... cuisines and a nice place to catch up on football matches at the pubs at night. Also, Loads of duty free shops .. The best place for shopping ;) The Port Louis  bazaar is meters away.. you can check out there for nicer prices :) and if you are a fan of stamps, there's the blue penny museum ;)

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  • Grand Bay & Pereybere
Grand Bay is the main touristic village in the north .. It is also the main place for night life in Mauritius, so if you coming to Mauritius and want to have fun. Then, surely, .. you would want to go there. I added Pereybere which is some miles away from g.bay, It is in my top 3 beaches of Mauritius.. I would have said it is nicest beach of Mauritius but I wouldn't want to discourage you from visiting the other beaches ! lolz.

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  • The Black River Gorges & National Park

For that one you will need to be adventurous, cannot find any other words !! lolz.. Well, If you are into hiking and nature, This place is for you. Anyway, you ain't thinking of Mauritius only for the beaches, So .. check this place out.. Very nice place.. Superb views, Long trails into the woods.. Superb place for romance.. If you see what I mean ! lolz..Further down the gorges you will end up in the National Park. Or, you can prefer to go the other way round, from the National Park and Climbing up the gorges..

  • Pamplemousses Botanical Garden
The Botanical garden of Mauritius, there's actually two botanical gardens, 1 in Curepipe and 1 in Pamplemousses, you can visit both if you want. The one at Pamplemousses one is the biggest one and there's the small building they call a castle inside. Even if you are not into plants, you will surely find this place nice to visit, have a walk and see the different stuffs which are found only in Mauritius. 

  • Naval Museum of Mahebourg and Dutch Ruins At Vieux Grand port. 
 This place isreally nice to visit, it is free entry to everyone, got nice stuffs inside.. The Dutch Ruins .. are as you might have guessed .. simply ruins !! lolz.. but that's a nice place to take pictures too ..

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  • Le Morne 
The Le Morne Brabant is found in the south of the island. It is a place with not many people living around but mostly hotels. There you will find the Le Morne mountain which is classified by the World Heritage comittee of the U.N. Many slaves used to go there to escape from their masters and many dived from the mountain to escape the atrocities of slavery. There are many nice viewpoints in the area .. you can go south to La prairie and take a long drive on the south coast of the island with even nicer viewpoints.

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  • La roche qui pleure / Souffleur
 This place is really amazing, superb views, resembles scotland's farmlands and cliffs .. a mix of the two .. The big waves are unique to Mauritius though. The rocks are porous and at each backslash you will hear the rocks breathing. Really amazing.

  • Midlands
Midlands.. Nice memories .. Mist on the Moors .. hehe .. I will only put one picture on this post.. check out the  post I made on that wonderful place :)

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  • Chamarel
Also known as the 7 colored earth, There's a piece of land there where you have 7 colored soils. They sell it as souvenirs too. It is a nice place to go to. Wonder if they still sell it though ! .. lolz...

  • Signal Mountain
It is one of the mountains that surround the City of Port Louis, The view at the top of the mountain is simply fabulous .. there is a road to up of the mountain where a lot of people do jogging every evening. Also the mountain has that name since there's a tv/radio station at the top. The view from the top at night is really nice but you might need a torch to walk back down .. lolz..

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  • Sept Cascades
 For this one, you will probably need some meters of climbing cords, pairs of nice shoes, your swimming suit, .. your camping stuffs and food !.. yea .. you will need all that if you really want to go there. It is one of the most dangerous and thrilling places in Mauritius. If you want to get back home for dinner, you might also want to take a torch. But, if you are on holidays, and don't bother about time, just take a small tent and camp down the valley. Hmm.. Very important, Take a guide if you are not used to hiking, you might die down there, The place is VERY DANGEROUS. 
First, you will need to figure where henrietta is on a map, you go there. It is free of access. Just ask the farmers around and they will tell you which way to go. It is easier to go down than to come up. Remember that. The way you take to go down, you might not want to take the same way up. 

The Easiest way would be to climb down the seven waterfalls and then go up by climbing some way up the valley. The water in the pools made in the rocks are simply extraordinary. I spent nearly 1 hour in one of those, there was even a small waterfall with water flowing on my head.. Superb time. 
I would recommend you to arrive there around 8am. We did the climbing down and climbing up from 8am to 6pm. Just in Time !!! why ?? Because 6pm the sun was setting down !! and with no light .. It is IMPOSSIBLE to climb up. You need to be fit to go down there. Take some pills so that your legs don't tremble, it could cost your life.
    Ending Words:
    All the places I mentioned are free of charge to access except the Pamplemousses garden. I hope you have a nice time in Mauritius and you can contact me if you need more information :) .. Have fun .. cheerz..

    Also, Out of the Top Ten places, you might want to check out Ile aux aigrettes which is a really nice place:
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