Monday, July 27, 2009

Bazaar of Port Louis-history by itself

Today i thought about making a stroll around my place and i thought why not share with my blogger friends some pictures of the bazaar of Port Louis, Such a nice place.
Some history, Those pictures of the Bazaar ( Market ) which you can see, are of the new market. Which has been built some years ago, 5 years ago i think. Well, and before that, stood there a very ancient market which on a sad night, coming from the mosque, and right in my road which is the same road as that of the bazaar, about 300metres up. Well i seen loads of smoke and a big fire. I ran there with my neighbours and we couldn't believe it. The bazaar was on Fire !! .. [Read More & See More] Yes, more than a century of history was on fire. Still remembering that scene, the clock on the front door, has a glass cover, and the glass was melting !! .. The firemen arrived quickly, seen they were only 500metres away. And they were only 2 vans, one infront and one of the back road. with each 2 men only trying to extinguish that big fire which was devastating that old wooden dome market.
What a night it was!! A night in history and writting this down today so that it can be remembered.. and found one day if someone looks up for some more infos..
The bazaar today is however nicer but the scenes of the old one tend to repeat themselves, as those plots of dead vegetable leaves and which long ago were put in "dromes", exactly the same scene when i used to go with my dad to the market. 10 years later...

Only the building changed, the people and their habits remained the same :) Long live Mauritius...

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  1. Unfortunately you hadn't discovered blogging yet, else you would have a live coverage on your blog :P

    I am not a great fan of the "old" bazaar because it was not so nice (from the sanitary perspective).

    However, I still remember the time where the bazaar was temporarily moved on the road. Quite a mess!
    Despite some people don't really like "al boire/manze ene zaffaire dans bazaar", I adore drinking some glasses of alouda while eating "ene bon gato fransais" in the food court :D

    Good night everyone.

  2. yeaa indeed unfortunately..however, at the end time blogging didn't existed much yet..:)
    the old bazaar had some piece of history though, the man who was stabbed was our accountant's dad, and my uncle died of heart attack in front of the bazaar soo, it is somewhere linked to me.
    However, i agree with you, the foodcourt is much nicer now and is more welcoming to have some food than what it were before :)
    thx for your comment :)


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