Monday, July 27, 2009

Mauritian Food and Lunch Foods.. :)

As per our habits, after hanging around in chinatown and buying stuffs specially naz, she's always got stuffs to buy !! lolz.. We went to eat some boulettes at benny B at the Caudan Waterfront Foodcourt which is a nice place to have lunch mainly in Port Louis ... :) Jumping here and there on the pavements so as not to walk into water .. however, we ended up with the trousers' legs drenched :) [Read & See More]
We were happy though because it is not often that we get drenched in Port Louis :) hehe ..
Then we went for some boulettos .. For those of you who are not familiar with these kind of foods, it is of chinese origin, multi culturality of mauritius obliges ! .. Most mauritians eat the plates of others, thus most of Mauritians would have atleast once tasted Mine frite, riz frite, bryani, curry and rougaille.. and chips and western cuisine..

Whatever be the case, soo.. we like eating boulettes .. lolz.. where was i !! lolzzz
well, yea, in the boulettes series, you have a triangle ( thers is fish in that and egg too, it is in the shape of triangle piece of cake but infact it is not sweet) ..Then you have the most common, the fish balls ( which you have fish inside obviously!!however, you won't see the fish inside, it only taste fish) .. you have saw mai and chou which you got cabbage inside.. and then you have also fried fish balls.. in which thers mourgat fish and then Meat balls which we love soo much .. and then there is LONG .. which a like twice a fish ball and it is spicy .. all that you can eat it with or without the fish soup and with or without chilli :)
Today, we got new bowls, take away ones, wonder why they doing that, in fact, the other kind of bowls in ceramic were nicer to eat it, but guess those ones are more hygienic and aesthetic !! .. :) That was a nice time with mehnaz at caudan :)

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  1. Cool, see you had a nice time, except for the rain ... :) I feel foreigners will drool over their keyboard while looking at the nice pics of Mauritian food :P ... mo meme g lo a la bouche la :P

  2. yeaaa.. it was my intention .. and also to make them come here, however, aint it the hidden agenda somewhere of most mauritian bloggers to promote mauritius .. hehehhehehe lolzz.. :) i had made a little clip some months back for my gf's presentation, i shall look for it and upload it here.. it is about mauritian fooooooooodd :) hahahah ..
    thxx indeed had such a nice day :) the rain added a bit to the niceness of this day :)

  3. awww ashfaq:)) yea had a really nice day..indeed its great dat ur sharin z Benny B xperience wiv ppl out ther...its affordable n cosy as well..
    Definitely,the food court of caudan's always replete with lots of ppl, includin tourists (who r in great number these days) n its advisable n nice 2 suggest ppl cumin 2 the city 2 drop by ther n hav a nice lunch or even a brunch:) hihi
    love ye
    all z best ahead:)))

  4. miam miam =) bien garni ca ban plat la :p

  5. woooooooh!!i really miss these foods..It is just so delicious..I am craving for these foods again. I am excited for our vacation soon there..we are planning to tour around. Last time we were in Palmar Beach Hotel Mauritius. It's actually nice there.

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  7. How easy is it to found Halal food in Ramadan at Mauritius? During Aftaar & Sehri times?

  8. How easy is it to find Halal food during Ramadan in Mauritius? During Aftaar and Sehri?

  9. Hi.. Thanks for your comment Rang-e-nizam, it is very easy to find Halal food in mauritius. It is sold nearly everything but obviously you need to check for the halal logo.
    During after assr prayer food are sold near masjids you can buy. But for sehri you should buy food before.. because everywhere is closed at that time. You need to prepare at home or buy it the night before.

  10. The curry was delicious, my three old loved it too .going to my collection for sure thanks!


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