Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Facebook Album Out !!

New album and new functionalities.. The new album is awesome.

Click on the picture to enlarge ! This is not Facebook ! it won't pop out ! lolzz
Why ??
No need to wait for pages to load anymore, The picture just pop up on the screen and all the functions are there!.
The comments are there too !

You no more have to use any firefox plugin to download a picture ! The download fuctionality is embedded for your pleasure.
To close the picture, Hit on close or simply push on ESC escape button on your keyboard ! couldn't be simpler!
You can now click on the notification button and click on the notification for a comment on a picture to view the picture directly without going away from your actual page !

Privacy ??
Apart from being able to download your own photos with a simple click. You can now also download all your friend's photos with a simple click which gives rise to some privacy issues !

Simply love it, Do you ?? Comment or Like the post ;)

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