Sunday, April 10, 2011

MO TI LABA ! TWA SI ?? comment lors la ! [OrangeExpo2011]

Hazard led me to click on the website to check my emails which i haven't checked for years. I was very glad to find out that their would soon be an expo. I checked on the website and that's where it all started to get interesting. The website offered the possibility to send myself an orange invitation or an Orange Pass.. (will come to that one soon !). It reminded me that I already had 4 invitation cards ! .. I had put them aside and didn't pay attention to them. But seeing the innovative website and forthcoming event, I was quite curious about it and thought about applying for the Orange Pass. It said on the website that you can enter freely with it and that you can participate in quiz and win gifts..

Gifts ! .. That got me even more excited about it .. ! So, I applied and went to fetch my card at the MT tower. The information desk was very welcoming and I was definitely amazed when I received the plastic access-like card ! .. It seems that there's some sort of metal inside. I will cut it open once the Expo is Over ! .. ;) hehe.. Check out the Orange Pass..
Once I arrived there, and seen people buying tickets to get inside, I was overwhelmingly glad. I just showed my card and was inside. I was given a really nice bag. I use the ones I got last year every week to buy vegetables at the Marketplace. It is definitely very useful. That already made my day !. Check out the Bag below !..
Next, I obtained the nice necklace with the "MO TI LABA!" inside..There's a map of the sections inside. Used it to put my Orange Pass and noticed that it can be used as a Mobile Phone Necklace. Check it out ! :)

Then I started wandering around and played the quiz, that's the nice part of it. Since, you have to go around all five sections to get the five questions sent to your phone will passing the Orange Pass on posts.
Before I forget check out your favorite blog on a Huawei Tablet Below!!
Then, you can guess the rest. I received a congratulations message and I was rushing to the Information Desk. There, I received a nice tshirt as gift. Check it out below!.
It is quite true that I have been emotionally bribed with the gifts, but I actually found the Orange Expo quite nice. I got the chance to test the HD audio and I now know that I don't need to buy an HD audio phone !. That's my opinion. Oh yeah ! .. got a nice pen as gift ! .. Check it out below ..
A collage of some other pictures ! .. of the Orange Expo.. ! .. I will end this here since there's too much to say ..

CarrotMadman6 (A blogger) got me unknowingly on his Video !! .. lolzz
Check out Below !

So, How did you find Orange Expo ? Planning to Go there ??
To TI LABA ? Comment and Like .. :) cheerzz..

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