Monday, April 25, 2011

Water Crisis in Mauritius and my 2cents !

The minister of water is claiming that water is not effectively used in Mauritius and for that, they will have to increase the price in order to stop people from wasting it. Mauritians however could not have been using "more" water ! How would they be wasting more ? Do you go home someday and tell to yourself "ey less mo gaspille imper dilo zordi do"! haha.. sounds a bit ridiculous .. that's my point, we are not using more water. It is industries and hotels which are and we will shortly be paying for that. And mind you, hotels and factories are billed differently. Else, as they would tell you, they are unable to operate and cover costs of production.

I am not the kind of person to complain, to criticize and to condemn. I am here expressing my concerns and proposing solutions for it. So, here we go:

Most coastal lands are used by hotels and the C.W.A require high investments to take the C.W.A grid to the hotels. I think that most hotels on the coasts or around have enough space to have a pool large enough to store rainwater which they can use later.. with the "tole profilage" roofs .. they can re-direct the rainwater to pipelines and to their storage pool or swimming pools.. and use desalination plants.. This would resolve a quarter of the problem thus it is the first 1/4 of the solution. 

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2nd quarter of the problem: The cultivations.. It is perhaps the biggest consumer of water till now. Do the planters waste water ?. The planters having more than 3-4 arpents of land under cultivation can batch their lands with translucent/white plastic film which would also redirect the water to a pool on the site itself .. It is a very common method in the south of france/ italy and spain and those batches help to keep the temperature constant thus better quality vegetables.. and less water wasted in going directly to the plants thus not rotting their roots.. Thus, the whole population will benefit since the price rise due to rainfalls will be over. 

3rd quarter of the solution. The houses in the main rainy regions are designed mostly to evacuate rainwater as quickly as possible. The inhabitants can be given a type of loan like that given for the purchase of solar water heaters .. to cover part of their roofs with plastic batch or tole and direct the water into tanks .. this can be used for watering plants .. washing dishes.. clothes.. bathing ! .. only need to add a piece of "chlore" in the tank..

[Remember: Around 250 liters of water is used in 15 minutes for the washing of dishes everyday. What about a loan to every household for the purchase of a dish washer machine ??. Wouldn't that contribute to a reduce the waste of water on a daily basis ?.]

4th quarter of my solution for solving the water crisis: All persons residing other than the coastal regions and rainy regions can reasonably be using the water from the reservoirs ;) lolzz. If the 3 measures above are adopted, there will be absolutely no need to increase the price of water, nor the number of reservoirs.

Conclusion: If nothing is done, we might end up paying tap water the same price as we pay for bottled water !.. Mind you, I am not joking this time.. Time is running.
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