Sunday, August 28, 2011

Are you Ready to Answer the call ?

Ready to Answer the Call.. It is not the subject of the article. However, It is the motto of an NGO which has helped countries like Haiti, Pakistan, India, Indonesia and many more in the past and is still each year contributing to the well being for millions of children, adults and elders with the distribution of food and providing of shelter.

Are you ready to answer the Call?
The Somalian people have walked weeks across the desserts looking for shelter, some have left their villages with their children and wife. Some left their village with 3-4 children and when they arrived at the border, only 1 was still alive !.

Please Help the Somalian People ! 
The Islamic Relief Foundation in Port Louis is collecting funds to provide these people with what they need. It is one of the rare organisations that are in Somalia !. Somalia don't have petrol, European and other powerful countries won't help its people. This is reality !. Please Help them. I will not post the videos I seen on what is happening there. Children left to die because their condition have attained what the doctors say "No-Return Limit" !. Please help those who can still be saved. For the sake of humanity.!

How can we eat and drink while people are dying out of food and water in Somalia  ? Help THEM !!
Islamic Relief is just another version of Red cross but for African / Arab countries. 

Islamic Relief (Mauritius)
No 10, Rue Sir Virgile Naz (la rue Tourenne), 
B.P 1015, Port-Louis 
Republic of Mauritius
Tel/Fax: + (230) 210 2348

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