Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mauritian Media making Politicians !

Advertisement in any newspaper has a price. Whether it is a great product or a product being launched. Ads have always been one of the methods used by the Mass Media to cover part of their expenses since the selling price of the newspapers is much more than the cost price. The publication companies thus have to decrease the cost price by putting in a lot of ads. 

I was surprised this morning to find an article on some cousin of a deputy in a Lexpress newspaper. Nothing weird about that except that the person in question is just out of university and going into politics in the opposing party as most of her family members. Does that need an article ?. 

If only it was only that. Another newspaper, very well known for its shocking headlines, published last week a article on its website about a young lady. The whole article was giving information about her, her family, her professional experiences and nothing more. I read again the whole article to see what made her deserve a place an article. Well nothing !. I was like the 7 others commenting on this article asking what did she do to deserve an article ! Well nothing !. 
This is the so-called ethics of the newspapers in Mauritius. They make articles to promote people. What if they wanted to make articles to promote their point of views, their opinions ? Would you know about it ?

I can bet you wouldn't. Newspapers have been shaping the political scene of Mauritius since decades and when they are disputed that right, they say that they are denied their freedom of expression. Never thought journalists would stoop so low. 
Advertisements are Put as Articles ! On internet this is called SCAM
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