Saturday, August 6, 2011

MedPoint Scandal ! My 2 cents

The "Medpoint" scandal as I have preferred to call it, unlike many so-called journalists, who prefer the word saga. Saga it is, all scandals are, but not all saga are scandals. The main actors of this scandal are the following persons (in order of appearance):
  • Mrs. Maya Hanoomanjee
  • Mr. Pravind Jugnauth
  • Mr. Paul Raymond Berenger
  • Mr. Navin Ramgoolam
  • Mr. Eric Guimbeau
  • Mr. Showkutally Soodhun
On an ethnic point of view, at first sight, the P.M.S.D can rightly protest since their is no member of the population general in the lot !. (sorry for the so-called republicans or whatever, everything is still analysed ethnically in Mauritius!)
We have not seen everything yet in this affair. It looks more to me like an "affair" than anything else. We have Money ! Woman ! Power ! .. Anyway, we will not dig deep into it, wondering what kind of our secrets lies beneath. 
[Picture Courtesy of Saahir]

It all started with some teasing of the Leader of the opposition about the Medpoint deal, It was the least expected that the leader of the opposition would ask questions about Rs144millions being given to the Jugnauths who are themselves the sellers !. No questions from the leader of the opposition would simply mean that he is part of it. --> (1st point: He's not part of it since he was the one to start the revelations.)

Mr. Jeetah, who is since sometimes unseen from the national tv for some dark reasons, was the one to initiate the buying of the medpoint. He is then removed this ministry by the Dr. N. Ramgoolam. The latter gives the ministry to Mrs. M. Hanoomajee !. (2nd point: Do you put a rat in a cheese room?)

Mrs. Hanoomanjee asks Mr. P. Jugnauth for a provision of Rs150 millions for the budget when the evaluation of the deal is for only Rs75 millions.. Why does she ask for twice the amount ? 
(3rd point: The re-evaluation of the clinic which comes days after, estimates the clinic at Rs144 m, twice much !)

I.C.A.C arrests the Minister and she is released. Did the I.C.A.C has enough suspicions and proofs to arrest her ? In my opinion, yes !. 

The leader of the M.S.M decides to quit the government alongside the 4 other ministers. ( I need to add, the other 4 ministers were not proposed to quit or not, they were simply forced to quit)
Mrs. Hanoomanjee who looked more like a lioness trying to eat up all her opponents some months back from doctors to nurses was seen to be in deep reflexion (Shit) at the press conference of the M.S.M, which is quite confusing.
The PM came back from UK and has shown that he will definitely not accept any kind of allegations against the I.C.A.C and that the I.C.A.C should be able to work at ease. All persons cited above are described as being innocent unless proved otherwise. I excuse myself for any misunderstandings, which may arise since I have absolutely no intentions whatsoever of depicting any of them as being guilty.

As a Mauritian, all we can do now is to wish that justice prevails even if rich, powerful and respected families have to go down. For the sake of democracy and the people's trust in the judiciary system of the country, A fair trial should be done.

Your Comments on this Whole Shitty affair are the most welcomed ! Express yourself freely. 

Press Conference: The PM has scheduled a press conference at 15h45 on the 6th of August 2011.
Additional Disclaimer: All information is given on an as-is basis and the writer do not take any responsibility as his opinions may change in the light of information obtained from other news websites. The writer is not liable to pursuits or any kind of threats or police inquiry. 

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