Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wanted:15000 youngsters, my 2 cents !

Wanted: 15000 youngsters to save our Future !. is an initiative that has caught a lot of attention since it started some 10 days back. The group, it should be noted, was heavily publicized by the local press. Present in nearly all the newspapers of last Sunday, the event was kind of much awaited by all the journalists!. I felt they were biased. 
Since I started this blog many years back, I wrote several articles on the Mauritian politics and finally I felt that this event could change things. Push things forward. I discussed with the guys participating in the group and most of them seemed to be rallying against all existing parties which I found surprisingly extraordinary!. How come so many people against all the actual parties!. I nevertheless tried to add my "block on the wall" but it was not appreciated that I tried to find a name for the group. One thing led another and I left the group as I was disgusted. 

Many of you reading this article, have been reading my posts since years now and I will not write a bias article just for the sake of getting even!. After a while, I joined back the group and thought it would not be fair to get crossed with many of my friends in there for just a single person. The persons participating in the discussions talk as if they are going to wipe away the political system of the country by doing a march in the streets of Port Louis. This is not at all ridiculous. But, they neither have the leader who can lead the way to at least 100k people down the place d'armes nor the right timing. 

I have always tried to remain unbiased. This blog is quite the reflection of that. One cannot be truthful, trustworthy or honest if he takes position for a group on the grounds that "they need it" or for the "interest of the country"!. Come on! That's the kind of dialogues politicians make!. The new generation should not fall into that abyss !.

Another group, Wanted: 15000 youngsters to learn the word democracy came into the game. The group is much more the opposite of the other one. Trying to give the "real" image of what should have been done and so on. Eventually, the new group gathered 5000 persons in less than 48 hours ! which is quite a feat you would agree ! Even if you are not really with them!. What is much appreciated in that group however is the fact that most discussions are tolerated and the attitude of "Against all actual parties" is not the rule among the participants. However, they do not tolerate blaming them and delete posts sometimes which is quite regrettable and against the "democracy" they are trying to put forward.
Some other contributors added themselves up to this group, namely Sedley Assonne author of a very well written article - Pourquoi je ne soutiens pas les 15000 Jeunes
Yashvin a well known mauritian blogger also wrote on this - Are you among the 15000 youngsters ?
The doublethink blog also commented on this event - La revolution n'aura pas lieu
Bruno Lebon - Also a Mauritian Blogger - Why the 'pacific' protest will be a flop

Most of the Mauritian bloggers and other usual writers either do not support the 15000 youngsters or do not want to get involved for the following reasons:
  • They doubt the sincerity of  "SOME" of the leaders of the group
  • Noor Adam Essack was pushed aside as he himself wrote and many tend to think that they can push aside a founder of the movement! They can push aside nearly anyone and anytime.
  • Some of the leaders have tainted backgrounds / past. 
  • Many of the persons supporting the march are foreigners and the Mauritian bloggers are in Mauritius and do not want to "paye les pots casser" since the people abroad will not be bothered! But Mauritians might land in trouble for their opinions.
  • Many persons use fake profiles and pictures and National Security agents are also involved into the group.
  • The "against all political parties" attitude while the group is saying that it is "apolitique".
  • A lot of the youngsters do not know or know very little about the cause they have been added into and are going to the "march" without knowing what is going to happen next and what will this turn into.
  • The points that the group rely on are vague. 
Most of the persons going for this march got involved for the following reasons as to what it seemed to me:
  • They want a better future for the new generation and the generations to come. 
  • They want to stop corruptions by politicians and others who use their status and power to corrupt. 
  • They want to stop the infinite circle of alliances between the 3 main parties in power since the independence.
  • They want to walk in solidarity with the poor of our country who deserve better. 
  • They want to be part of something that will probably not happen anywhere soon around. 
The manifest of the group Wanted: 15000 youngsters to save our future can be seen > here < with more points.

Conclusion: We should never judge people. We should go for the march and see if it can change our future. If, in any case it is not worthwhile. Does not matter. We would have tried !. But if it works out to be the beginning of a lot of changes, then it is our country and the future generations who will be better off. Let's not shoot them in their legs and cross fingers. 

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