Sunday, December 25, 2011

24th Decembre 2011 in Port Louis, Mauritius

A 24th of December, what does it look like in Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius ? Well knowing that Many of you didn't have time to come around and some of you probably had better stuffs to do than shopping I thought you still want to know how it was in Port Louis, My town.
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The Caudan Waterfront was not very crowded and the shops were very quiet, looks like most persons preferred to do shopping in the shops around the Port Louis center, "La foire Plaine-Verte" and the streets of Port Louis rather than the Expensive shops of the Caudan.
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The new Caudan Shopping mall was also very lonely, people here and there sitting and resting a bit, probably tired with loads of shopping around the streets of Port Louis.
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Plaine Verte was without any doubts the most busy place in whole Mauritius last night. Thousands of persons converged to the "foire" of Plaine-Verte for last minutes shopping or simply for a walk around to look for the nice deals. Things are known to be sold very cheap during the last days of the year. So everyone came to check out and benefit from the crazy sales.
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The Kadhafi Square Food court was really transformed with the tons of persons inside, at around 10pm the place was still packed with persons waiting for food.
Main Foods served at the Kadhafi Square Food Court at Night are: 
  • Friend Noodles
  • Fried Rice
  • Haalim
  • Meatballs, Sao Mai, Nuk Yen, FishBalls, etc..
The street market is in 3 parts, Namely:
  1. the first part starting from Royal / Nicolay road (Renaissance / Locality) to end on Desforges Street.
  2. the second part starting from Kadhafi Square / Route des pamplemousses to near Happy Eater Fast food
  3. the third part starts just after happy eater to end near Paul et Virginie Street.
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The picture above shows the Start of the 2nd part of the Street Market place. The street is blocked and converted into a market with sellers building tents on both sides of the road. The street market is along the "Jardin de la Plaine Verte" -PlaineVerte garden, on the street called Magon Street.

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