Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cyclone Giovanna - Mauritius 12-02-2012

The cyclone Giovanna was the least expected during this month of February specially that it has been a long long time since we had any cyclone coming that near to Mauritius. The last one being the cyclone Gamede in 2007. Most Mauritians hope that the cyclone will bring a lot of rain to the island since we are facing water cuts during to the drought. Some pictures below showing the Cyclonic weather.

Some updates on the cyclonic weather during the last 48 hours:

Les rafales de 60-80kmh sur Port Louis ont déjà commencé depuis tot ce matin bien que intermitente. The harsh winds are near the centre .. and when the centre will approach.. the devastation will rise quickly. It will be a quick and devastating 2hours.
Check out the clouds.. Things are starting to move quickly now.
12/02/2012 - 09h00

Cyclone Warning Class 3 on Mauritius, the cyclone is nearly stationary and not decided itself yet on coming on Mauritius or heading to Madagascar!. Calm here in Mauritius - Cyclone passing 150-200km north of Mauritius in the evening. Not much change for tonight. Things will change tomorrow morning for sure.
Over and Out !.
12/02/2012 -  01h00  

Cyclone Warning Class 3 over Mauritius ! .. Weather changing drastically over port louis right now ! 
Saturday - 11/02/2012

Cyclone Warning Class 2 in Mauritius :) 
Saturday 11/02/2012

Cyclone class 1 in Mauritius
Friday 10/02/2012

The track of Cyclone Giovanni is STRANGELY nearly the same as cyclone Claudette!. Check it out !

 Lonesome street of Port Louis
 Queue in front of the FUEL station at Nicolay Road - Port Louis
 Branches lying here and there near Jardin de la compagnie, Port Louis
Pas de degats pour le moment !. 
Keep tuned !! Videos coming.. !
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