Saturday, June 23, 2012

Not a Recommended Mauritius Blogger ! lol

A blogger is someone who likes to share stuffs on the net and in the blogging circles you have different types of bloggers. Bloggers can be classified in terms of interests, blogging subjects and many other factors. But the common factor remains the fact that all bloggers share information and sometimes opinions. 
Bathroom Blogger Shirt - Gift from my Fiancee :) he he  
There are many bloggers in Mauritius but for a population of over a million, a count of only around 100 seems indeed insignificant but yet that's plain reality. That could also be a extrapolated to mean that Mauritians in General are not aware of blogging, do not like to share information or simply are not interested. 
I stumbled on a post by a blogger friend and got to read an article of Scope Magazine. A list of a few Recommended Mauritian bloggers were listed. And obviously NOT the hehe.. I am not jealous, no worries.. but hey! why is my blog NOT a recommended blog ? :)

Oh, maybe because of my opinions ! Anyways, I had an amazing day today at Bagatelle Shopping Mall, got loads of gifts .. and the blogger tshirt picture is a gift too from my fiancee. And this post is actually to thank her on behalf of my blog. Love the T-Shirt. xxx

Over and Out ! Ashfaqblog is not a recommended place to be ! lolzz.. Close Tab ! 

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