Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wedding ? Generation 1980-1990s it's time!

Mauritian Wedding or American Wedding ? :) Our generation is definitely that of the American Pie, Not another teen movie, Old School generation.. Et j'en passe des meilleurs. The American Wedding film  in 2003 is one of the masterpieces that our generation has undoubtedly made a classic of. How could we not recall the amazing moment where Jim asks for Michelle's hand. Good old times..

Time has passed and It's already time for wedding ! Many of my generation dudes are getting married, one after the other.. Didn't we say "on se donne rendez-vous dans 10ans?" - my kennedians dudes will remember. Oh well, The American Pie Generation should maybe think of an American Reunion ? :) hehe.. Wedding time is approaching for most of my friends and myself along (don't ask for an invite yet, the cards are not printed yet ! lolz). Time to take a step into a new chapter of our life, a step so much waited for some, a step that will change for most of us our life, a step that will bring a turning point to our life..Yes, we will be married. Less time for my blog, I wonder !. I can only hope not!.

Whatever be the case, The Salon du Mariage is opening its doors for a 4 days event at the Mer Rouge Convention Centre for those who do not know how to get there just try google maps :) hehe.. lolz.. The Exhibition will comprise of many companies and exhibitors who can help in the organisation of your wedding and making it a great moment. Dresses and other stuffs will also be available. 

Some of my generation can now start thinking about their dream weddings, Mauritius has many facilities nowadays and your wedding would be no different from one made in U.S or U.K if you got the funds!. Why not made a great wedding entrance like this one >  http://ashfaqblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/best-clip-since-long-check-out.html

Just for fun.. The old American Wedding Trailer :) hehe..

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