Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mauritius Intelligentsia and Political Cartel !

Mauritius intelligentsia has in the early days of the Independence of the Island proved to be the rebellious type. Men and Women fighting on all fronts. However, It should be pointed out that those years were those of rebellion throughout the world. We would remember Woodstock 69'. Youngsters of the baby boom after the 2nd World War had enough of all sorts of injustice and wanted to settle down things once and for all. 

The masses took it down to the streets. The winds of change eventually hit Mauritius with more or less the same results. The main families who were the "architects" of the Independence of the Island are still in the reigning positions 44 years later. The same political parties are making alliances and taking the reigns each time. What did the Mauritians gain from it ?. 

The most optimistic ones would probably say that we have a democracy. But, at what cost ?. Today on this night of November 2012, may my words be recorded for posterity. Meritocracy is not a reality in Mauritius. Not later than the past week, a Chief Inspector of the Mauritian Police force was transferred to another post. Just some days before that, he filed a case in the supreme court to make a syndicate for the policemen a possibility. Strange coincidence!. I am a skeptical person. I do not believe in coincidences. 

The education sector is plagued with persons who favor people of their race or same ethnicity. This is utterly disgusting for the young generation who have being subject to the "1 sel lepep, 1 sel nation" slogan. 1 sel lepep 1 sel nation is just apparently for the folkloric part of Mauritius whilst some people continue to make places for their children and grand children and prospering on the back of the Mauritius who despite having completed their degrees cannot get jobs !. Let alone jobs, they are not even called for interviews. 

In 2012, The intelligentsia of the Island is seemingly pushing the island towards a French copy of Democracy. I am not against. But, I got my reserves. Their is absolutely no problems in removing the Best Loser System, but with the racist minded people who are infiltrated all the levels of power, what proof do we have that minorities will be treated equally ?.

When the Mauritians will have the courage to give to minorities the top jobs in government and top posts in the para public bodies, then maybe we might sit down at the same table and discuss about the problems affecting the Island on a same leveled ground. But right now, what is the use of removing the Best loser system ?. Better, what is the sudden urge to do so ?.

The Intelligentsia of the Island not only puts forward the idea of a No best loser political system but also puts forward a system where the leader of a party will be given the power to CHOOSE people who will enter the national assembly without being a representative of the people. This is simply defeating the purpose of democracy. The purpose of having a national assembly is to have persons to represent the people of the country. A leader represents a voice. The voice of the people.
The hypothesis that the political arena of Mauritius is controlled by a cartel does hold. If you go back in history and see who has been reigning and the main names in the top leadership roles, you will find that most of the times, it has been the same families. We are not against having some families to control the country specially if their competent to do so. But, again, what proof do we have that others will have the chance to do so one day if they have the competencies do so?.

Absolutely no guarantees.

The Mauritian Intelligentsia is failing the Mauritians by adopting and copying and pasting things what are done elsewhere but without taking into account the wants and needs of the Mauritians. After the abolition of the abortion, we now have the abolition of the best loser system in the pipeline.
Mark my words.
The future debates will be based on taking Mauritius to a secular state. A dream for those who are so found of France and its République "laique". The French, by the way, are having debates each and every week about their laicité since it is nowadays proving to be quite difficult to control. It is easy to have a secular state when a lot of the inhabitants do not follow a religious guideline for their day to day life. But see, in Mauritius people are very much religious and holds to their culture. Why does the intelligentsia want to change that ?.

Why does the intelligentsia wants to make Mauritius a secular state ?. Will that annihilate any kind of favoritism or racism ?. I wonder !. Since more than a century now that France is a secular state, why are there organisations like Stop Racism ! or Touche pas à mon pote ! in France!. Why is their such uprising of racism against the migrants or to name them, the muslims. Why is it so difficult to build a mosque in France ?

Therefore, Changing to a secular state to annihilate racism does not hold as can be proven by the French case.

To Annihilate racism in Mauritius, the only remedy would be to introduce a real meritocratic state with Meritocracy as the rule of thumb at all levels whether in government bodies, educational bodies or private sector.

This is an opinion post. My opinions might change with time and I do not take responsibility for hurting anyone who read my posts. Everyone who read the post is free to do so and is free to have a different opinion. But for the time being and without something better being proposed, I will stick to my opinions.

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