Saturday, February 7, 2009

HSC results 2008-2009 !! HSC - Hypocrite Society Control ! Laureate Stupidity ! Mauritius Hypocrites ..

Sick , really sick of hearing the hsc results and their laureats..
Though i have appreciated a lot the interview of the girl from a modest family who was veryy touching.. Congratulations to her ..

Having said that, i have come to think over the years about the hsc and specially about the scholarships. What is the use of the scholarship ?? Are the students eligible for the scholarships ?? meaning the laureats and all !

I happen to understand, that there should be some kind of competition ! but should that be specially for a scholarship !!

If U wana prove you are the best in mauritius, fine .. glad for u.. well their should be a prize given to you for that , and we will all be happy about it. But the thing is that, most of the laureats, their parents can afford giving them many lessons to be able to grasp the subjects to the max and to learn everything about the subjects.

The scholarship should be for children from modest family ONLY and students should have to fill a form demanding if they are eligible or not! .. a family who can already afford paying rs3000- 4000 tuition fees for their kids, i cannot see why that kid, should now get money to go to university.. !! from the state !! and moreover, he wont even come back to mauritius!!

I, therefore appeal to the Government of the Republic of Mauritius and to the concerned ministries, the population would be very satisfied with it, shall the Government stop that injustice made to the children from modest family, who even doing the best with what they can. Even obtaining very good results, being in the 20 best of the National level, they still cannot aspire to go to the best universities. Because, Somewhere someone else who was damn spoonfed with tuitions got the laureat title and that chance.

I however do not deny the many sacrifices and merits of that rich family student, but the scholarships should be a gift of the Government to the Needy. Not a Gift to the well-offs of the society.

Hope Those Words do not fall into deaf ears.

Stop the hypocrisy !!

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  1. Define 'modest.'
    See, that raises up the question of what are criteria for considering someone 'rich.'
    Ok, I know some of them are super-rich, & they can easily pay their universities but they are truly a minority.

    Most of the laureates are middle-class & it's a massive investment for them.
    For e.g. Cambridge requires more than a million a year & they require you NOT to work. & given that the scholarship totals around Rs 600k, it's barely enough. Even the well-off middle class cannot afford that without taking huge loans.
    The hypocrisy lies in this... if you fared well but you are poor, you still cannot afford good unis because the scholarship doesn't fund you enough! So in the end, it's still a gift for the rich...

  2. yea that's wat i meant, their should be a criteria for defining who should benefit from the scholarships..specially the laureat's state scholarship..
    The definition of the modest would be i fink the ones whose parents are legible to paying a certain amount of income tax .. because most modest - lower middle class and middle class in general do not pay income tax or very small amount .. this is a very easy way to spot those "rich" persons..
    And i think , the students in themselves might not be hypocrite themselves.. but the system is like that.. and if it were changed.. i am sure many rich students would feel themselves ackward to apply for those scholarships..

  3. I blogged on this too :P


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