Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogger Mauritius Community..

After much thought, and thinking about the consequences of removing the links from my blog roll. I decided to do it in the end. After the blogger meeting, i honestly thought that the bloggers would be making a united community of persons online which would work together and all.
But, after 2-3 weeks having updated the blog roll with Mauritian Bloggers' links, i found it astounding 2 weeks ago that on many of those blogs, other people were found in the blog rolls but NOT MINE !!! Great was my surprise ! .. Indeed, i has been displaying their blogs and websites for weeks and they didn't find it nice to put mine on their websites.
I finally decided to piss off those persons and to update my blog roll leaving them off..
Furthermore, on many discussion topics, i have come to understand that some of those bloggers were kind of racists ! .. Talking about religion and add religious beliefs of persons into talks where they had nothing to do! ..Following this experience, i henceforth urge Mauritians and my dear friends not to go to those websites.

Here is my final blog roll (bloggers who appreciate my blog and who i appreciate):

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  1. :) i wont remove those who add me to their blog rolls :)) thanks i am on ur blog roll :))

  2. i found it astounding 2 weeks ago that on many of those blogs, other people were found in the blog rolls but NOT MINE !!!

    One question :
    Instead of removing everybody who did not list you, didnt you find it useful perhaps to just send a polite notice through a comment perhaps?
    I did this a few months ago:
    Bloggers, please update your blogroll

    One question you may ask yourself:
    "How did you add blogger X?
    Did he asked you to link back?
    Or you came across his blog, and added it in your links?
    Perhaps the blogger removed yours when he found that his link was not on urs"
    There are so many reasons.

    And it do happens that Human errs, no need to be so harsh.

  3. alalala :p kass liki!

    that's soo immature seulement.

    :p enfin si to ti comment lor mo blog mo ti pou mette toi lor mo blogroll [when my lazyness gets over :D]

    lol you should live with it ta.

    mo meme ti ena plein bann camarad ki pa ti mette moi dans zot blog roll.. parseki zot paresse!

    The thing is... :p on a blogroll or not... mo gagne paress pou al konE kisana inn mette 1 lentrE ou pas :p alor mo kapav pensE c prey pour lezot :p.

    There's always msn and facebook where you say "heh check out my latest entry" :D

    muhahahahaha el prince of port louise g0t angry.

    as for the religion post... i believe its about that tushal stuff? Hmm... dude... frankly you did misread that line.. coz at the slightest racial stuffs i would have myself made a big hit out of it!

    calm down... have a smoke!


  4. Not an elegant decision here.

  5. @yashvin - most of the person copied off the mail adds and left off mine par expres !lolzzz..
    Alrite human errrs.. that's plausible..

    @selven - ohhh mann,..fran tout .. mo p plein nette ek mentaliter morisiens mwa.. ek u got a nice memory of the discussion on X's blog ! lolzz.. bein i was also relating to what's happening on other blogs and facebook !! .. we are really on a volcano these days! Through the last 6 months ther has been a real uprise of communalism in Mauritius !! .. pran compte !!

    @Irfaan !! lolz.. aller weaa taa.. it was not elegant ! ..Mais bon, wen someone or something seems not to be fair to me.. i can't control it.. sameme..

    P.S: i shall remove ASSHOLES & Co.. though it sounded damn nice !

  6. Added one more rule.. now people commenting on my blog too will be added in the blogroll..

  7. to tell you franly... probably i'll be adding you up next weekend... coz am feeling lazy for now.

    as for all the hate and stuffs.. pfft, that is all due to the fact the people do not smoke enough weeds, that should teach em a bit about the philosophy of life.. frankly... you people tend to think to much about non important stuffs rather than the most important stuffs.

  8. non important stuffs like ?? :) haha or important stuffs like ?? :)) haha.. weeeds ?? :)

  9. none important stuffs like being emotional with other human beings who are not your gf!

    and most important stuffs like ... how to conquer the universe or how to make the human kind evolve to become gods!


  10. my important stuffs - getting even with people who hate me, my town, my thoughts- and getting to understand the philosophy of life which would surely be the greatest achievement of all.

    My non important stuffs - i got none for the time being ! lolzz. .
    i like ur way of thinking :P

    But emotions are what guide me, when i see thousands of kids killed, when i see so many things happening around and see no1 reacting!! Just because the persons dying are not of the same religion as them, i can feel my emotions rise up.. when i see injustice against people, in mauritius, injustice of any kind, my emotions rise up, and those emotions drive me to do good and to put some people back on track.
    Emotions can drive to do wrong to but i havent landed into much more trouble than the pleasure of making justice back to someone though it is not MY "job".

  11. "getting even with people who hate me, my town, my thoughts-"

    well sometimes such stuffs slows us down from our goals in life. Its like a vulnerability in ourselves, i.e people will be able to morph you from their actions..

    "i like ur way of thinking :P"

    Thanks :D. i wonder why some finds it dangerous and almost 'dictatorial'.

    "But emotions are what guide me, when i see thousands of kids killed, when i see so many things happening around and see no1 reacting!!"

    indeed, it pains, but then, if you sit and think about it.. each time we rise to fight it, it will be like we are sending small troops to attack a powerful enemy.. instead, why keep emotions in a way for a while and think logically.. i prefer to think in terms of ... how to ruin the other side coz for those that are already fallen in a war.. are already fallen, letting our emotions take over will just cause us to make irrational decisions and lose the goal we initially had in mind.

  12. I understand your way of thinking, however, not all matters can be taken in that way, some matters need to be dealt with when they crop before worse happens.
    However, when injustice is done, there is no waiting, kuma nous dire attraper kass liki..

  13. Salut Ashfaq,
    Merci d'avoir mis mon blog parmi les blogs que tu préfères, c'est un grand honneur pour moi!!

    Et très heureuse de redécouvrir le vôtre!!

  14. Salut Asmaa,
    Merci a toi aussi :) il y a tant a decouvrir sur ton blog aussi :)
    Merci d'avoir passer sur mon blog,
    a tres bientot
    amicalement votre


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