Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogger Mauritius Community..

After much thought, and thinking about the consequences of removing the links from my blog roll. I decided to do it in the end. After the blogger meeting, i honestly thought that the bloggers would be making a united community of persons online which would work together and all.
But, after 2-3 weeks having updated the blog roll with Mauritian Bloggers' links, i found it astounding 2 weeks ago that on many of those blogs, other people were found in the blog rolls but NOT MINE !!! Great was my surprise ! .. Indeed, i has been displaying their blogs and websites for weeks and they didn't find it nice to put mine on their websites.
I finally decided to piss off those persons and to update my blog roll leaving them off..
Furthermore, on many discussion topics, i have come to understand that some of those bloggers were kind of racists ! .. Talking about religion and add religious beliefs of persons into talks where they had nothing to do! ..Following this experience, i henceforth urge Mauritians and my dear friends not to go to those websites.

Here is my final blog roll (bloggers who appreciate my blog and who i appreciate):

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