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Boodhoo, Cehl Meeah, Tsunamis et Independance Day !

The 11th of March 2011 is a day that will be remembered in history, and writing this article is my way of engraving it into history. Harish Boodhoo who was being called " L'homme fort de belle terre " is now mostly being referred in articles as the "Ex- Vice Prime Minister". This is not a mere coincidence. Most readers would not even pay attention to this insignificant change, but it does play with the brains of everyone unknowingly.. Because the media is trying to tell you that this man is no more "L'homme fort" but merely an Ex politician !..
Why such a change ? Simply because Harris Boodhoo has started doing meetings on political matters in order to make the population conscious of several scandals that is happening in our society. The meeting in front of Sun Trust building gathered 3000 persons within me and it was confirmed by . This figure however is less than the actual audience who left the meeting mid-way in order to catch up with buses for those who live far away. 
Also present at the meeting of Harish Boodhoo were Salim Muthy, Georges Ah-Yan and Eddy Sadien who criticized ferociously the government and other parastatal bodies. Boodhoo denounced the alleged fraudulous transactions of Pravind Jugnauth and other scandals linked to the latter. He also took a minute to thank all the people who came for his meeting. He said that he has written to the ICAC and hopes Pravin Jugnauth is arrested by the coming Monday. Harish Boodhoo's next meeting is in front of the MBC-Tv malpropre at reduit on the 18th of March at 4pm. The man of belle terre also criticized the freemasonry brotherhood in Mauritius and suggested that a law should be promulgated like in Britain so that they declare their affiliation to the freemasonry society.

Cehl Meeah gets into the fight against corruption
Cehl Meeah has asked his followers to side with the truth that Harish boodhoo is unveiling and attend the meetings in order to stop any degradation of public order in the region. Many supporters of Cehl Meeah were at the Centre Goomany at P.Verte and in front of Sun trust Bldg for the meetings of harish boodhoo. Cehl Meeah made a public speech in which he criticized severely the government for not clearing the taxes of Rs450,000 on food containers he obtained as donations from abroad for the poor people of Port Louis. Most of which would have been sent to Roche Bois and Upper Valle Pitot which are the 2 main needy regions of Port Louis. He also commented on some information suggesting that Pravin Jugnauth obtained information on frauds of Rs5Billions of Navin Ramgoolam which has forced the latter to accept the MSM for an alliance in the 2010 elections. He further claimed that the "rodage" period at the parliament is over and he will start putting tough questions.The Leader of FSM aims to organize a march on the roads of Port Louis by the end of the month to protest against corruption.

Terrible Tsunamis and earthquakes in Japan
The earthquakes in Japan have given rise to Tsunamis which has washed across the coasts of Japan and inland yesterday. The buildings which were built to resist earthquakes perfomed marvellously well. However, the nuclear facilities of Japan were badly struck. One of them has leaks and the radiation is 1000 times above the normal around the site. The army has been sent to secure the zone and more than 30,000 persons have been asked to move away for their own security. 
Japan depends highly on nuclear power for electricity and the stock market dropped precipitously after the earthquake. The Nikkei will suffer a lot in the days to come. 

Independence Day !
43 years of independence from the british rulers. Maybe this is how it should be taken. We have changed from british colony to a colony of parties !. Parties which have not changed since the independence day in 1968. 
What a great independence day was it ?
For the 20 'ers and even 40'ers, little do we know about how Mauritius obtained independence. Only the 60'ers and above know really what happened at the time. Et encore ! For those who are die-hard of the parties, they would never admit what happened was a true farce. 56% only of the population agreed to Mauritius becoming independent at the time. Has this changed a lot since then ? 
Sir Abdool Razack Mohamed, the leader of the Muslim Comittee of Action (CAM), sided with MLP and IFB thus giving them a majority at the parliament. This gave rise to tensions between the muslim and creole communities as the latter supported Gaetan Duval and Jules Koenig lost the elections. 

My word:
Mauritius obtained its independence, that's a fact and we are all Mauritians now and we have to live as Mauritians. Their is no going back. But, we should fight for a true independence from the people who have seized all the political and decision taking powers since the elections of 1967. Mauritius needs a 3rd real political force and not an opposition which is sometimes with the government and sometimes against it. This game has been going on for the past 40 years and the parties have all been at one time or the other in the opposition. We need a government of the people which will uproot those corrupted personalities who are at the head of our institutions for decades. 
Could that 3rd force consist of Boodhoo, Meeah and Rama Valayden ?? and Party Malin?? :)
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