Saturday, March 5, 2011

Harrish Boodhoo reveals the truth !

Harish Boodhoo, as many of my generation came to know him, is a man who is very down to earth and speaks his heart out. Whether before the elections in 2010 or during the MedPoint Saga. Like, many others, not yet on this earth at the time the guy was at the Government House, I came to learn about his story like many 20 agers in the newspapers and some other forums. He seem to me to be someone who is willing despite his age to spark an uprising in the Mauritian society and chase away some politicians who have been ruling since many decades.
The man is going for many meetings in order to make the people of mauritius know what has been hidden from them since such a long time. 
Why not support that ? why not hear what he got to say ?
Check out the venues and topics below..
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Harish Boodhoo for the sake of the awareness of the Mauritian people is fighting single handedly with the supports of a very few against the well oiled gears of the government and other parties. 

To support Harish Boodhoo or not, that's up to you .. All I am saying here is that the man is fighiting for a truth, and we know that what he is saying does make sense. I am not asking anyone to side with the man. But, it would be worthwhile if the people of the republic of mauritius could side with the truth and fight for it ! .. 

Why not now ?
Could this be an uprising to a 2nd republic ? 

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