Sunday, May 29, 2011

24/7 at Plaine Verte - Pagoda Street - Port Louis

24/7 are events organized in Mauritius to promote night life and such that people understands what is meant by 24/7. Apart from the fact that shops are open and people drive around like it has been the case in Rose-Hill and Quatre-Bornes and Even Port Louis much earlier, We can say that it wasn't much of a success.

Last night was some other kind of 24/7 experience made for the first time in the heart of a residential location. It was with much curiosity and enthusiasm that I went there with my fiancee in finding some nice deals. Indeed, we did some nice deals. Bought gifts for mom! .. yea got nice gifts for mom and even for my fiancee. 

I just hope you had a great night too ..

haha.. neways do comment and share this post ;) cheerzz
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