Sunday, June 12, 2011

mIRC Event ! Tonight ! Check it out ! and Share

Everyone is invited.. for this Mega Event Tonight [6:30 pm mru time] Live and Direct from Mauritius .. ! lolz.. I mean from mIRC ! :)
Remember your old nicknames ?? haha
Click on Image to Go to Event Page on Facebook !


Guidelines To Join the FUN !! 

As Promised .. We are Saturday .. and everything has been finalized.. 
The software proposed is mIRC.exe :) which you can obtain freely at :
Step 1: Download the Software.. It will expire in 30 days .. that's fine with us. 
Step 2: You will be prompted for your nickname, enter yours
Step 3: On the Left - You will see "Servers" just below "connect" - in the drop down menu of "connect" - Click on the "+" on the left of "Connect" if you can't see it. 
Step 4: Look for GigaIRC in the list. Double click on it, you will see random server. Double click on that too. You will be sent back to the "connect" screen
Step 5: Click on Connect
Step 6: Once you are connected - A screen will appear called favorites write #moris (this is our channel) and click on "Join" on the immediate Right.
Step 7: You are DONE ! .. 

Welcome everyone :) may the party start..  cheerz

UPDATE: Party is Over .. but had a great time .. Loads of People Came .. Check out the picture below :) 
Click on the picture for a larger View :)
Looking forward for the next EVENT ?? :) lolz.. Keep Tuned here :)
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