Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blood Donation @ Shoprite

Update - Event Postponed for the 25th of June .. 1 week later .. Sorry for any inconvenience
Blood is what ? It is just a liquid that flows in our veins and that will turn back to dust when we die ! It's futile to be selfish and not want to give your blood. If it is true that many persons cannot give blood for health problems, most of us can ! .. So why not give ?

Come and Give your blood, Isn't blood giving the most noble of actions? 
Click on the Poster to Go to the Facebook Event Wall for more information ! ..
You can comment on this post for more information too.. I will be glad to reply to any queries. 

Hope to see my dear readers and Mauritian Bloggers there :) Will probably be there around 3pm ! :)
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