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200th Posts! World Upside Down and Problems when Stop Smoking !

From the 100th Post - KFC closed .. to the 200th Post ! World Upside Down and Problems when Stop Smoking ! A lot has happened. 100 articles and posts altogether sharing information, clips, pictures, .. with Mauritians and readers around the world. By the way, in between K.F.C reopened ! l.o.l...

Here is the most viewed and liked posts:

Those are definitely my top stories of the last 18 months or so ! You can check them out again for your own pleasure :) or wait for more sizzling topics.. 
I will not comment on the Worldwide events but having seen what is happening lastly, we can deduce that the world has really gone upside down. No need for lecturers, Nobel prizes, Politicians, Intellectuals or preachers to tell us about it. This world is sick of all kinds of stuffs. While we cannot fight the world, we cannot stand aside and let them destroy our planet. My reason ? 
The world does not belong to them !
Problems When Stopping to Smoke Cigarette

All doctors and people in the medical field and associations and other people will tell you to stop smoking. The government has been doing mass advertising of your lungs going dark and chocolate coming out of it. And showing you the clean white lungs of a non-smoker. They show you the bright side of the story !

The Dark side of STOP SMOKING !
What they do not tell you:
  • 1-5 days after you quit, you will go through this:
    Coughing, nose running, Sore throat, Sore lips, Sore tongsils, Tight Chest, Sore Chest muscles.
  • 1-2 weeks after you quit, you will go through this:
    Flatulence and Constipation, Headaches, Increased blood flow to the back of the brain.
  • 2-4 weeks after you quit, you will go through this:
    Irritability, Reduced concentration, Fatigue, Restlessness, Depression, and the most dangerous - Craving for Nicotine !
  • >4 weeks after you quit, you will go through this:
    Increased appetite and Chest pains as well as running nose, Strep throat, easily catching colds and painful lungs.
What can you do about it ?
There are a lot of forums on the internet where other Ex-smokers share their experiences. Please check out the following website:

I hope that those will be helpful to those who have been thinking of quiting smoking and who have not been able to do it till now. 
If you are an Ex-Smoker, Please share your Stop Smoking Experience with us..
Or simply comment on my 200th post ;) cheerz..

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