Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top Worst places in Mauritius

I had done a while ago the Top 10 places to visit in Mauritius  and then i thought if there are good places to visit, there are also places you wouldn't want foreigners coming from Europe, USA, .. civilized countries or friends from abroad to go to. This would give a very bad image of Mauritius. 
Furthermore, If you are a tourist reading this article, you wouldn't want to visit the Worst places of a country, you would probably want to enjoy the treasures and hidden pleasures of that place.  

~ The Eagle's Lodge ~ Mauritius Opinion Blogger

So, there you go, Mauritians and Foreigners reading this, The Top Worst places in Mauritius which you would take precautions to NOT go ! :

  • Bus Terminal Toilets

Mauritian toilets are the WORST in the world. If it is true that Mauritius is a very fast developing country with 5-star hotels and State of the Art buildings, It remains that the public toilet are the State of the Fart Toilet !! 
If you are at Port Louis, Try the Caudan Waterfront toilets, they are 5 minutes walk from the 2 Bus terminus..
If you are at Curepipe, Try the Casino toilet at Lake Point, Easy to find out, just at the back of the Bus terminus.
If you are Quatre Bornes, Try the Orchard Tower toilets.

  • The Meat and Fish Bazaar 

Fish and meat are sold at butcher's or at some places or hypermarkets. I mean you really do not have to go in the fish and meat bazaar to buy fish or meat. Yet, A lot of persons go to buy meat and fish there. There are rats and all that. Please Keep away from this place.
Fish and Meat bazaar is part of the town/village markets whereby a section is reserved for selling of meat and fish.
You know any other worst places of Mauritius ?? Please add it in the comments :)
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