Friday, October 14, 2011

United 868 Cities - 78 Countries! NOT Mauritius!

United for a global change is a Movement that has become very active the past few weeks with rallies all around Europe and planning to go global tomorrow the 15th of October ! What about us ? While the others are uniting themselves to ask for a global change. The Mauritians are dividing themselves into groups. They are all fighting someway or the other for some kind of interest. 

Mauritius can be united for a cause too? Not so sure ! Mauritians are too coward and would better remain in their dreams and misery rather to go to the streets to ask for accounts from the government who are spending Millions, who are giving Rs 400 millions for infrastructure whilst poor people do not have single rupees for bread!. 
Youngsters failing to understand the real battle for a change. United for a Global Change is not a man fight, it is thousands, No! Millions !, gathering for a cause!. It is not a one man shield that Mauritius needs. We have seen enough one man show politics to eat from that meat again!. 
It is not leaders that that lack in Mauritius ! It is brave men ! Men ready to follow a cause ! No leader has moved any mountain .. but the brave men who make them lead the way .. those brave men move not only mountains but countries ! It will thus not be surprising at all to see those brave men united around a cause to attain their goal!
Wouldn't it be better for Mauritius if all those persons of good faith would sit together and contribute to the wall of change ?
While the wind is blowing all around the world .. Mauritius remains in the sense that we always go against the wind. I am not wrong in the sense that when all cities are gathering up to go for a global change, Mauritius will be left aside !
Will Mauritians again let the occasion pass by while the wind of change is blowing from Tunis to Cairo ! .. From London to Athens.. Once more the wheel of history is turning ! 
Will Mauritius be part of it ? Or will we be once spectators to our downfall ?.
Let's not entrust our destiny in others.. it is time Mauritius understand that it is themselves that should walk the walk. It is perhaps the walk of our lives !.

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