Monday, September 26, 2011 Hacked ! Conspiracy?

Simply an awful scenario for the large number of fresh university graduates who are going to graduate in a couple of weeks and looking for a job via the portal. The website is the most viewed website for job search in Mauritius.It has through the years become the most used website by employers to search for new recruits and for employees to look for new jobs. The website provides a lot of features which are useful for fresh graduates or school leavers.

The only direct rival of the is the website which is the least we can say, quite lame compared to the full featured website. It wasn't that safe in the end though. The server has been hacked and now the thousands of persons waiting for a reply might have to wait a long deal before obtaining a first interview.
Success of
The success of the myjob website is mostly due to the fact their was a great need of a medium or a platform if you prefer between the employers and those looking for a job. And the myjob solution came in at the right time to fulfill that demand.
What now?
You can try your luck on the website, or job board or even the newly launched orange job postings
Conspiracy Theory
The recent arrival of the orange jobs feature of the orange website and the hacking of the website give however rise to some doubts. The timing seem to be perfect for the launch of an alternative service !.

The website is back online but now you can have doubts if your personal data on its server are safe or not! Indeed, now you have absolutely no trust in the website for keeping your files confidential and secure!.