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Mauritius, an SSR state ? SSR roads, airport.. ?

Mauritius, an SSR state? It is a question worth millions!. Most of the teenagers and 20'ers today have known Rambo a.k.a "lion pa manze lherbe" as their Prime Minister for more than around half of their lives or more. Meaning nearly their whole adult life!. Whatever psychologists and experts might claim, this plays a lot on the psychology of that segment of the population of the country.

Which brings us to the saying of French political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859) “In democracy we get the government we deserve”. He's right. And that's exactly what we have seen the past week. A member of parliament claiming that in the end he was "only saying what his audience wanted to hear". Yes, People serve politicians and help them to get elected in order to benefit from them in the end. This is the Mauritian reality and that's true for most countries around the globe.
To be honest we cannot blame the guy for we all know that it is not his fault but the fault of those "followers" a.k.a "rodere boute - [eng] looking for a share" who force politicians to act in that way.

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"We must serve before we can lead.", said William Arthur Ward, In Mauritius this is not a pre-requisite to entering the political scene. Of course, we cannot be absolutely against it since we would all prefer in a certain way to trust the reigns of our country in the hands of PhD and degree holders ( in other words Doctors) rather than people who can talk only approximately a bit of english or french (this is not the best for maintaining international relationships) !.

We need persons who have experience of the political scene, who have gained experience through long battles defending others, but in the end what we need really is persons who we can trust first and foremost.
Coming back to our title, Mauritius is an S.S.R state with S.S.R roads, hospital, memorials, monuments, school books and what not ! . I will in no way scratch the personality of such a great man. But, we should always keep things under control. Excesses and Extreme attitudes bring inevitably to unlimited damages. Our elders have their word on that. Please check out the video below !.

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Studies
As I said above, I have absolutely nothing against the "father of the nation", having not known him. But, it is in the end the attitude of the "rodere boute" that leads to excesses!. What is the use for having Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Studies at the University of Mauritius. I would tend to think that it is definitely not Navin Ramgoolam who asked for this to be implemented. I honestly fail to understand the scope of work that the persons having that certificate would have. S.S.R is a part of our national history, not the history of the country or the story of the independence on its own. He fought for our independence, but he was not alone. A large segment of the country was behind him. Giving all credits to one man is undeniably denying the rest of the population the right to say that we are Mauritians.
I wrote an article a long time back about what if we didn't ask for our independence check the link just below: 

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