Saturday, November 12, 2011

Orange Mauritius Exchange Rate #FAIL

The Orange website Exchange Rate failure of today 12 Nov 2011 ! I wonder in which year those exchange rates were possible. Probably a bug in their systems.
In the meantime, the discussion on the possibility of pushing out France Telecom from Mauritius Telecom is still the talk of the town. The Frenchmen are of course here for profit and the question is that why are they not being able to bring the price down ?. I just hope they are not doing it on purpose to cash out huge profits. However, from the years where Orange was not part of Mauritius Telecom, the internet, the mobile systems and even the prices were quite bad. We all benefited from the entering of Orange in Mauritius.
Now however, they are not seen to be making huge efforts to satisfy the rising critics about the customer service, after sales and internet packages. Maybe something is cooking !.
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