Saturday, November 12, 2011

Simply Amazing ! Mauritian Food Lovers Market at Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius

It was an awesome day, not ONLY because it was sunny and I had a day off but because I suddenly stumbled onto vegetables that I never knew existed in Mauritius!. The Food Lovers Market at the Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius is simply awesome. It makes people like me who is not at all interested in Vegetables to want to buy them. I strongly recommend this place to all my readers.
The vegetables are displayed in such a way that they are made appealing to the customers. The prices are also appealing!. A pineapple at around Rs14 !. French breads and the World Renown Paris-Brest cake which was simply delicious are some of the stuffs I bought there. 
Mehnaz, my fiancee,  got enticed with the cheese, fruits and other delicacies available at the Food lovers Market. If you love food and are not really into going to the quite dirty Mauritian bazaars (That's how we call the marketplace here). I am sure you would be excited to try this place.
You will I am sure forgive me for the quality of the pictures and videos but I had really no idea that I would make a post about this place before going there. And didn't bother to bring my camera !. But you can check the video still to see the moving sushi plates going around the table. hehe. 
You can also try the hot foods corner where you will find a lot of Mauritian hot dishes and also European ready to eat foods. 
Have you been there ? What's your opinion on this place ?
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