Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chronicles of a Mauritian Dream ! Because we deserve it !

The chronicles of a Mauritian Dream, As an student of the post independence Mauritius, we have been formed and trained to write essays and stories to show our interpretation of facts, creativity or simple knowledge of using words and being made able to express ourselves. However, We have also been molded, shaped, formed to view the world by what we have been fed as literature. I tend to think that what we read affects our thinking. I am not saying that people who do not read, do not think. Far from that. I am saying here that what people read make them react or act in a different way than what they would have if they didn't read something in particular.
Why Chronicles?
Chronicles of a Mauritian Dream because a chronicle, is dependent on what the chronicler sees as important in contrast to a narrative or history whereby the purpose of the chronicle is to record events in the perspective of the author. Thus in a wide generality most bloggers make chronicles.
The Mauritian Dream is all the things that have been promised to the Mauritians since the Independence that have never been achieved. The Mauritian Dream is about a society where
  • all individuals would have the same rights
  • you can live your faith without being subject to racism
  • being elected for who you are and for the ideas you represent
  • you are able to get a job based on your competencies rather than on the number of connections you have with persons
  • you are able to work in the government and criticise them when they are doing no good
  • you are able to buy all what you need and want in a year and still have some money left aside
  • you are given the opportunity to develop your skills and make what you want of your life
  • working is a pleasure
  • every child is given the same chances to succeed
  • finding a job is just a step after the university
  • taking the public transport is a pleasure
Aujourd'hui en l'an de grâce 2011, Nos politiques ont fait toutes les alliances possibles entre eux. Ils en ont bien profité de père en fils et de grand-père en petit fils. Il y en a même qui ont le culot de venir dire que leur famille compte trois générations de politiciens et qu'il est très possible qu'il y ait une quatrième génération de politicien dans leur famille. 
Le Mauritian Dream dont rêvaient nos aïeuls le jour de l'Independence est devenu un Mauritian Nightmare. S'il est vrai que beaucoup ont bien profité depuis l'Independence,Qu'en est il de ceux qui n'ont jamais voulu de par leur principe user de passe-droit ? L'histoire retiendra que l'ile Maurice que nos laissons ,à force de ne rien faire pour changer le cours des choses, aux générations suivantes est une ile Maurice qui n'a rien pour retenir les fils du sol.
Force est de constater qu'il y a bien des alliances qui nous font regarder dans le rétroviseur. Mais que peut le peuple face aux partis et personnes qui ne méritent pas d'être élu ? La majorité votera toujours pour les blocs politiques. 
Comme dixit un grand monsieur dont je ne me rappel plus le nom:
By dirt of repelling we come to spouse what we hate the most
Voilà, If you have something to add.. Be my guest
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