Monday, February 16, 2009

President Hu Jintao in Mauritius on 24 hour Visit.

The honorable President of the People's republic of China, his excellency Mr. Hu Jintao is finally in Mauritius. The much awaited visit of the president which brings hope of developpement for the small island of Mauritius which is the door of africa for China.

The Chinese President has many big subjects of discussion on his 24 hours agenda here:
  • tianli & construction projects.
  • further loans / credit agreements.
  • Reinforcement of sino-mauritian relationships.
The Chateau du Reduit has been been nicely dressed into chinese :)) for the visit of his excellency, the President of the People's Republic of China.

Very nice and positive vibrations around Mauritius today, with the visit of his excellency to Mauritius, which is something very big and the Mauritians are experiencing a sensation of unknown. They don't know if it is a good thing for the country or a bad thing. However, since the "Mauritian" is more or less of a positive attitude, he is expecting a lot from the visit of such an important guest to our dot-like country on the World Map!.

The Prime Minister of Mauritius greeted the President of the People's Republic of China at the Sir Seewosagur Ramgoolam International Airport today, 16 February 2009 at 15h55.

Mauritius was in a quasi-quarantined state by evening !! As shown on the pictures below, however, most roads were open but the Mauritians, after a busy morning in the heat and scorching sun preferred stay in their cosy homes.
The regions of reduit / quatre bornes / trianon / palma were like under quarantine!! lolzz..

The chinese and sino-mauriciens were not going to miss such a great opportunity of seeing their president, knowing that in china, they are 1 in 1000 millions, and here only 1 in a million , they had a much more likely chance of seeing him, some of who even got the chance to shake his hand.

Tomorow, Mauritius will again be waiting eagerly what the chinese President has for us, and will again be kept under quarantine for some more hours :)


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